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[Set 3] RRB NTPC General Knowledge Questions 29 December 2020 Morning Shift Paper

RRB NTPC GK Questions of December 29, 2020, Morning Shift Questions and Answers are given here for the aspirants of Govt Jobs and especially for the aspirants of SSC, and RRB Group D. Many questions are repeated in these exams, so the students should read these questions before the exam.

RRB NTPC General Knowledge Questions 29 December 2020 Morning Shift Paper

RRB NTPC General Knowledge Questions 29 December 2020 Morning Shift Paper

What is the name of the Societal movement launched by the Union Minister for Environment, forest, and climate change? :- Green Good Deeds

Which country leads in the Human Development Index report, 2019? :- Norway

Who is the inspiration behind Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana?:- Mahatma Gandhi

The exile of the ruler of which kingdom was termed as “The life has gone out of the body”? :- Awadh

_ is an example of Footloose industry. :- Computer chip

Which is India’s first super computer? :- Param 8000

What is the name of the book written by Ernest Mackay about archaeological excavations? :- Further Excavations at Mohenjodaro 8 Robert Hooke discovered . :- Cell

People with which blood groups are considered as universal recipient? :- AB+

Which Viceroy of India did take the initiative to create elected local government bodies? :- Lord Rippon

Bile is secreted by the___ . :- liver

Chemical formula for Lime water is . :- Ca(OH)2

On which date is the Constitution Day of India celebrated? :- 26th November

The focus of World Environment Day, 2018 was on . :- Plastic pollution

Which African country launched the first Malaria vaccine to immunise children on the occasion of World Malaria Day? :- Malawi

Who formed the Indian National Congress? :- A.O Hume

What is the name of the skill development programme of the Government of India? :- Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

Who painted “In Memoriam”, a painting dedicated to the British ladies in India during the mutiny of 1857? :- Joseph Noel Paton

_ is a tiger reserve. :- Jim Corbett National park

Which is not a web browser from the following? 1) Google 2) Safari 3) Mozilla Firefox 4) Opera :- Google

Excessive curvature of eye lens leads to_____. :- myopia

Which is the highest peak in India? :- Kanchanjunga

Which session of the Congress gave a call to the attainment of “Swaraj’? :- 1906

Ruhr region is the most important industrial region of . :- Germany

Who has been appointed as the Governor of the state of Telangana in Sept, 2019? :- Tamilisai Soundararajan

Which famous author used the pen name Madhavikutty? :- Kamala Das

As of Nov 2020, who is the Secretary General of the United Nations? :- Antonio Guterres

In the Indian Constitution, from which country were the concepts of liberty, equality and fraternity adopted?:- France

Name India’s first Superfast train. :- Deccan Queen

With the abdication of the throne by the Japanese Emperor, Akihito, the new Imperial era in Japan is known as . :- Reiwa

When was the Sanchi Stupa declared a world heritage site by UNESCO? :- 1989

In Aug 2020, who was selected as the next Chairman of Steel Authority of India Limited? :- Soma Mondal

Thumba was chosen as the ideal site for rocket launch due to the presence of . :- Equatorial electrojets

HTTP stands for __. :- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

To create Scientific temperament, innovation amongst the Indian students, Central Government started an ATL lab. What is the full form of ATL? :- Atal Tinkering Lab

Which country has the most successful cooperative farming? :- Denmark

Which launch vehicle was used to launch Chandrayaan-2? :- GSLV MK-III-M1

What kind of a tax is GST? :- Indirect Tax

Name the female wrestler recommended by Wrestling Federation of India for the prestigious 2020 Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award. :- Vinesh Phogat

One of the most important teachers of Chishti Silsila, Shaikh Moinuddin Chishti dargah is located at . :- Ajmer

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