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Top Strategies to Score High in NDA Exam

The top strategies to score high in the NDA Examination are discussed here in detail. Follow these strategies to get success in the NDA and fulfill your dream.

Understand the exam’s pattern

The NDA exam is unique. You need to have complete knowledge of the following elements to ace your first try:

  • The number of sections in each exam 
  • Allotted marks per question in each section
  • Syllabus pattern per section
  • The maximum allowed time to answer all questions
  • How many marks will be lost for a wrong question

Understanding these points equips you to easily set up your high-scoring strategy. You can work with the information above to position your approach towards the exam to achieve greater success. 

The NDA exam usually has two sections – Mathematics & General Ability Test (GAT). All exams are conducted offline.

Mathematics features 120 questions in total with maximum allotted marks pegged at 300. 

The GAT paper comprises 100 General Knowledge and 50 English questions. Maximum marks available are pegged at 600. 

Candidates are expected to answer 120 questions in the Mathematics section and 150 in the GAT section. Both exams have a maximum allowed time of 2 hours and 30 minutes.  

Manage your study sessions 

You need to prepare a study plan that helps you achieve your aims for the NDA exams. To achieve that, you must: 

  • Note the basics – prepare a study plan that outlines days before the NDA exam; revise your previous year’s papers and prepare with past questions
  • Note important topics – identify topics/formulas that need to be memorized (for final revision)
  • Take prep tests – take mock tests and familiarize yourself with the expected range of questions 
  • Broaden your knowledge scope – read journals, articles, newspapers, etc. to update your current affairs knowledge

Designing your study plan will position you for success at the NDA exams with relative ease. 

NDA Coaching 

Signing up with the NDA coaching institute will yield maximum benefits if combined with other practical strategies. Registering with the best NDA coaching school provides you with enough assistance to ace your exams. Students who adopt the right strategy are always in a better position to succeed as NDA students. That’s why this article looks at top strategies students can rely on to score high in NDA exams. There are various NDA Coaching institutes available so one must carefully choose. Dehradun has long been considered the hub of defense coaching institutes. But for real results, students must choose only the best NDA Coaching in Dehradun


Consider revising your study notes and summaries a few days before the NDA exam. After revising relevant topics to refresh your memory, it’s better to take a rest from studying. 

Relaxing your mind after a rigorous study routine helps you build confidence and may help you retain all you’ve learned. Don’t over-study for the NDA exam. You could forget a lot if you don’t balance your study timeline. For a better grasp of the exam patterns and complexities through revisions and mock tests, one can take the help of the best defence academy in dehradun.

Maintain composure

Many people fail NDA exams, but not because they don’t have enough knowledge to pass. D-Day might put a lot of pressure on other candidates, but you shouldn’t have to worry about anything. 

Trust your intuition and answer the questions you know first. Don’t be in a hurry to answer all questions, especially the ones you’re not sure about.

Keep your approach calm and avoid any distractions before or during the exam. 

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